For a condensed listing of my publications, please see my CV (PDF).

Publications are listed in reverse chronological order. There is a corresponding BibTeX page as well. Please click the paper title to see (hide) details for that paper. Alternatively, expand all or collapse all.

(*SEM 2017)
(NAACL 2016)
(AAAI 2016)
(TACL 2015)
(EMNLP 2015)
(EMNLP 2015)
(EMNLP 2015)
(NAACL Demo 2015)
(AKBC 2014)
(NIPS Workshop on Topic Modeling 2013)
(ACL Workshop on Teaching NLP and CL, 2013)
(Technical Report 2013)
(WILS 2012)
(BEA 2012)
(IEEE VECTaR 2011)
(AAAI Workshop on Language-Action Tools for Cognitive Artificial Agents 2011)
(Undergraduate Thesis 2011)
(ISBI 2011)
(RSNA 2010)
(Technical Report 2009)

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